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11 PM, backdated to Wednesday night. Action 1, locked to 2237 Stevens Residents: [ Garviel awakens after a day of droning, and the awakening is not a gentle one. A yell of pain can be heard, and then silence, aside from his heavy steps as he descends the stairs of the home and swiftly armors himself in his Astartes plate without a word to anyone. ]

Midnight Action 2, Makeout point: [ A ghost-like figure in defaced white armor, all external signs of allegiance carved roughly off stares down over Mayfield, the summer breeze occasionally stirring the horse-hair brush that is the single adornment on the helm. For the moment his back is to the approaching path from below, as he stares down at the town. ]

3:00 AM Action 3, The Streets of mayfield [ A hulking form stalks ferally through Mayfield, looking over the place as though re-familiarizing itself with it, the sound of whirring coming from it, though no words are spoken. The eyes burn red in the darkness. Do you approach? ]

Noon the next day Action 4, L'D├ęplaisant: [ A rather sullen-looking figure is serving lunch in L'D├ęplaisant. He's coming over to take your order. What do, mayfielders? ]

Thursday afternoon: Acceptance Phone 5, : [ A deep voice, somehow roughened, almost a snarl, can be heard in an open, though drone-filtered cast on the phone ] So that's it then. Once again imprisoned in this town. I wonder if this is not some trick of the Ruinous Powers... of the warp. At least I have gained some knowledge of my fate. So I will ask you this: How long was I gone?
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[Around Mayfield, morning Garviel is visiting friends. He stops by Abel's house, just to check and make sure his friend is in fact droned for good. When he finds Abel's things nowhere around, and the typically polite but distant Frenchman almost too chummy, he stops, walking away swiftly. The confirmation is a far more bitter thing than he had realized.]

[After a moment, in the street, he will turn, looking at the half-made pool in the backyard, his craggy face unreadable. He slips his helm on after this, and will wander the streets, a ghostly figure in white battle plate. He heads over to 1127 Taylor]


[ Afternoon. At 1127 Taylor, Garviel finds something else horrifying. Ciel, her normal kind, polite self. But something is wrong. He can be heard speaking about Arcueid to her, and she seems... utterly ignorant. Garviel stares at her, as if in shock, for a moment, then turns on his heel and walks away.]


[At the park. Garviel is sitting, quietly, not on a bench, but just on his armored rear end, looking up at moon. Remembering, clearly possessed of a melancholic humor. Or maybe it's just the look of things, as his white armor is given silver highlights by the moon. He still wears his helm, unwilling to show his face to the world.]

4. [Phones, filtered from drones.]

[Garviel is quiet for a little while, his voice rougher than usual when he does speak]

I have been asked to collect accounts of the recent incident in this town, where we were asked to slay one another. If you would like to explain what happened from your perspective, please contact me, I am trying to gather as many people's thoughts as possible. There will be no repercussions from me for whatever you tell me. I am not here to judge, just take the accounts, so we can understand more about what happened, and why people chose to obey the masters of this town, or in some cases, chose not to.
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Action 1, locked to the road-trip group

[Garviel drives the car back into town with whatever survivors of the EPIC BEAR ADVENTURE still remain. (Post once we get that resolved) The car gives up the ghost about right after the highway sign and he says.]

"I am sorry for endangering you all in such a way, but I felt confident with such a doughty and skilled group we should push the boundaries."

Action 2,

[A huge warrior in blood-soaked clothes with a claw wound is approaching the church of salvation's doorstep, and knocking. He looks exhausted as he knocks, or maybe just burdened by concern. There is a huge scabbed gash on his forehead and face, like something immense clawed flesh and bone back, tearing deep into him.]

Phone 3 (Standard Filters)

"My friends, be aware there is a great danger in going off-road. Ursine beasts that are resistant to psychic attack, and very doughty in combat are the wardens of the roads. Consider yourself warned. They are worthy foes."
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Action: Open to Garviel's Family at 2237 Stephen's road

[It begins as a normal day for Garviel.  Calisthenics.  Then... a package, wrapped as the regain ones was dropped off.  More curious than anything else, he opens it.  Only to find....  memories]
HERESY! )Action:  Open to anyone on Garviel's Street, Stephen's road
Read more... )(Visual aids for Garviel's friends coming to save him.


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