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Action one: Locked to 2237 and 2236 Stevens: [ At the beginning of the zombie invasion, Garviel bursts out the front door of his house, howling.... ] I... am... CERBERUS! [ Utterly maddened, a screaming chainsword in hand, the space marine looks for foes to slay. ]

Action Two: All over town: [ Garviel has found his battle-brothers and his partner, so he moves about, slaying with Cu Chulainn, Rin, and possibly Baron Klaus as well. The drones don't have a chance, really, not against an Astartes, a magus, a Space Marine, and a mad Scientist. Are you rescued by them? Do you dare stand against this group? ] (You may get interactions from all of us, if you want one PC in particular, just specify in your first tag. )

Voice: Wednesday morning Mayfield: This is Loken, you know who I am... if you are cut off from the church and hospital, rally at Makeout point. It is very defensible, and I have prepared a perimeter. None of our tainted.... compatriots will survive the approach. That is all.

Action Three: Makeout point Wednesday night: [ This is Garviel's last stand and rally point, he waits for the drones or awakened zombies to come, his bolter held ready, Frag grenades primed ]

Action Four: Makeout point Thursday morning: [ There is no evidence of the previous night's slaughter, but for the battered man in batted armor who just kneels, staring into the middle distance, shocked at the sudden change in the world, which had gone from a haunting example of his past... to the strange quasi-idyllic town of Mayfield once more. ]


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