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1 [ (Locked to Saber and Mordred) A man in a strange white bodyglove walks up to 460 stone street, carrying several blades of various sizes, and knocks on the door. Garviel's here to be a secondary teacher for Mordred. ]

2 [ Phones, filtered to the resistance and associated organizations. ] Loken here. I wanted to check in after the recent incident with the mushrooms. How do you all fare?

3 [ Garviel is working at L'deplaisant as a waiter, his actual job. He's walking over to your character, looking quizzical, and somewhat unused to NOT wearing his powered armor and says, ] May I take your order?

4 [ The lake: There is a small lake in town, and Garviel stands by it, unarmored, still wearing the white bodyglove with the wolf's head iconography that he earlier wore to training with Mordred. He is silently staring out across it, as if trying to decide what to do about a particularly niggling (Or painful) memory. ]

5 [ Klaus Wulfenbach's residence. An armored space marine is knocking on the door, Klaus. What do? ]
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[This has not been Garviel's day.  Really it just hasn't.  He's been stabbed through his primary heart, had some jerkass steal his identity, and then left with the check of an eat and run.  He stands up, settles his bill, and stumbles out of the diner, still bleeding from a jagged hole in his back, which is quickly scabbing over into a blood-seal.]

Action A:

[Garviel is stumbling back home to 2237 Stevens street, blood soaking through his coat and his already pale face deathly.  His expression is grim, and varies between anger and frustration, as he clutches at the side of his coat, pulling it against the wound as a makeshift bandage.  He is tracking blood behind him in the snow.]

Action B Locked to the Loken residence:

[Garviel manages to get home, and opens the door, stumbling in]

"Arizona!  I need a medicae.  Quickly!"  

[he sits down on the couch and will almost collapse it.]

Phone C:

Be aware, there's some nasty sneak out there who smells of lho-sticks and fear, and enjoys stabbing people in the back after being bought a good meal by a friend.  Apparently he can disguise himself as Red.


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