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Action: Open to Garviel's Family at 2237 Stephen's road

[It begins as a normal day for Garviel.  Calisthenics.  Then... a package, wrapped as the regain ones was dropped off.  More curious than anything else, he opens it.  Only to find....  memories]
HERESY! )Action:  Open to anyone on Garviel's Street, Stephen's road
Read more... )(Visual aids for Garviel's friends coming to save him.
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Scene 1

[Action: inside Bodine's fashion, a large man is talking to one of the drone salesmen  (Or one of the non-droned ones if we have PC salesmen about)]

"Yes, you heard me correctly.  I need a hat of this size!  [he holds his arms apart above his head, making a vee above his shoulders.]

"There is a party and I require as large and prodigious a hat as I can possibly have created.  So please, make one if you can, I shall pay whatever is necessary."

Scene 2

[Action: Inside L'Déplaisant, a hulking fellow who barely fits the waiter garb provided to him approaches your table.  He smiles, his craggy features making this look a bit unusual, and removes a notebook, saying,]

"Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Garviel Loken and I'll be your waiter for the evening.  May I recommend the filet Mignon with Hollandaise sauce?  It is quite excellent."

Scene 3

[Action: In the evening, the aforementioned large fellow is running in the winter, wearing a jacket and rather brief short pants.  He moves fairly smoothly across the ice, and may, in fact, run by your house, steam from his breath hitting the air and swathing him like a vaporous cloak. If approached, he will respond with a simple,

] "Good evening"


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