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11 PM, backdated to Wednesday night. Action 1, locked to 2237 Stevens Residents: [ Garviel awakens after a day of droning, and the awakening is not a gentle one. A yell of pain can be heard, and then silence, aside from his heavy steps as he descends the stairs of the home and swiftly armors himself in his Astartes plate without a word to anyone. ]

Midnight Action 2, Makeout point: [ A ghost-like figure in defaced white armor, all external signs of allegiance carved roughly off stares down over Mayfield, the summer breeze occasionally stirring the horse-hair brush that is the single adornment on the helm. For the moment his back is to the approaching path from below, as he stares down at the town. ]

3:00 AM Action 3, The Streets of mayfield [ A hulking form stalks ferally through Mayfield, looking over the place as though re-familiarizing itself with it, the sound of whirring coming from it, though no words are spoken. The eyes burn red in the darkness. Do you approach? ]

Noon the next day Action 4, L'D├ęplaisant: [ A rather sullen-looking figure is serving lunch in L'D├ęplaisant. He's coming over to take your order. What do, mayfielders? ]

Thursday afternoon: Acceptance Phone 5, : [ A deep voice, somehow roughened, almost a snarl, can be heard in an open, though drone-filtered cast on the phone ] So that's it then. Once again imprisoned in this town. I wonder if this is not some trick of the Ruinous Powers... of the warp. At least I have gained some knowledge of my fate. So I will ask you this: How long was I gone?


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