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[It began, as many things do with Garviel, with an Oath. In this case an oath to keep Merem from feeding on the blood of drones for 3 days. Unlike every other oath he has made since he came to mayfield, Garviel is having a truly difficult time keeping it. Because the monster is -fast- Fast enough to outrun bullets. Even a transhuman in speed-enhancing armor cannot keep up. So the first day is spent chasing Merem fruitlessly.]
[Action prompts after the cut.]

Action prompt one

[Garviel is chasing something you can't see well, just a small blur, and he's a much large one, vaulting cars and almost crushing the sidewalk beneath his Ceramite boots. He doesn't see you, but he might stop if you flag him down. Maybe. If you're in his way, he will do his best to avoid you but...]

Action prompt two

[The second day requires a change in strategy, as Garviel removes his helm, sniffing at the air. You can see him in various places around town, gently leading drones away from... something? Feel free to approach.]

Action Prompt three

[Garviel just tossed something small into a cement truck's mixer, and has started it mixing. Do you approach? Ask him about it?]

Action Prompt Four

[The third day has come and gone, as has the fourth, in much the same way. But the game is not over, not for Merem, who has won it, and not the unyielding Astartes. In this, now the 5th day since the contest between the immortal enemies has started, and Garviel's system, addled with constant high-energy use and a mix of combat drugs, is starting to suffer. He is staggering heavily, at one point walking through a lawn's sprinkler system in his armor and becoming utterly soaked, at another point briefly stumbling through the Elementary's school playground, dropping to one knee.]

Action Prompt 5
[Guess who got droned for not showing up to work? Garviel, that's who. He's either at home being creepy stepford dad mowing the lawn, or at L'Deplaisant waiting tables. Feel free to mess with him at either.]

Action Prompt 6

[Night falls over the town on the 5th day of the challenge. Garviel's actually swerving a bit as he walks, now, unable to run. While Astartes have logged upwards of 376 hours combat time without sleep, it wasn't a constant charge and change of direction like this contest of wills has become. It is physically destroying him. Even so, after short periods of 'breathers', Garviel wills himself to run on, unwilling to admit defeat. He will never yield. Ever. His armor splattered in mud, blood, and cement is making growling noises, the machine-spirits that animating it unhappy with his abuse and lack of down time. Still, he presses on.]

Action Prompt 7, Locked to Kohaku

[Day 6. Garviel can't stand well anymore. Sometime during the morning, he will stumble, fall, and ingloriously tumble towards you like a vast ceramite tree felled by some unknown axe.]


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