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Open Action for Stevens Stree and passerby 1
[Garviel is out cooking steaks, hot dogs, and various other kinds of grill-based foods, and.... well, doing a poor job of it. He has been introduced to barbecuing recently and some aspects of it escape him.]

Open action around Mayfield. 2

[Garviel is jogging. In powered armor. Probably part of his training. He can easily be jogged with, but you quickly will realize his jogging is the equivalent of an athlete's sprint.]

Open Action in Riflery Range, Rec Center 3

[Garviel is in the range, ready to teach you about how to KILL PEOPLE DEAD with all of the guns.]

Open Action at the Ball Park 4

[Garviel is playing catch with the neighborhood drone kids, apparently having decided to take up scout's advice on making a ball team.]

Closed tags following after the cut

Action to Klaus' house.

[A huge, burn-blackened figure in armor will step up to the doorstep and knock. There area also traces of blood flecked and burned onto the armor.]

Action to Abel's home

[Garviel, later in the day, will stop by Abel's house dressed for work, so in his waiter's uniform. he's carrying his bodyglove over one shoulder. It's looking pretty battered.]

Call to Rin

Rin, I have some questions about what exactly you did to my armor. Don't worry, I'm not -mad- just curious.

Call to Commissar Cain

Cain, I'd like to know how you've been doing, of late.

Call to Major General Armstrong

Major General. I just wanted to make sure, you still wish my assistance in your undertakings here, yes?

Call to Shiki Eiki

My friend. I had a thought for more work as a Judge for you in the future, would you like to discuss this further?

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