Apr. 21st, 2011

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[Phone, screened from drones]

I have purchased a phonograph player. However, I know nothing of music, beyond the battle-hymns of the Astartes. Can anyone suggest or lend me some records that are properly enjoyable? I can provide tea if you like. And company, of course.

(Action Garage in front of 2237 Stevens)

[Garviel is sitting on his workbench, garage door of his house open, working a wire brush over his power armor as he systematically removes every insignia of his old Legion, his old allegiance to Horus Lupercal. If you approach, he will give you a stoic nod.]

(Action: Park)

[Garviel is waiting for someone in the park, wearing his white bodyglove with a wolf's head emblem on the chest, above his heart. He has two boxes with him, one of them smells like a freshly baked cake, the other smells like steak. He is clearly waiting for someone. Is it you? Will you dare try to nab the cake and steak from the Astartes? What do, Mayfield.]

(Action: Rec Center)

[Garviel is doing maintenance on the shooting range, fixing target dummies and cleaning up spent brass that people have left around. He looks up and smiles briefly as you approach, and waves a meaty hand at you.]

(Action: Makeout point)

[Congratulations, you've caught Garviel practicing in his power armor with his sword during the evening. Do you approach? Run away in terror from the 8 1/2 foot tall giant of technology and flesh?]


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