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Action: Open to Garviel's Family at 2237 Stephen's road

[It begins as a normal day for Garviel.  Calisthenics.  Then... a package, wrapped as the regain ones was dropped off.  More curious than anything else, he opens it.  Only to find....  memories]

Memories of Heresy:

[It was after the subjugation of the world of Murder, and the defeat of the Interex.  Loken was at his most shattered, having seen the possibility of peace with a different, yet utterly familiar human culture be lost to mutual misunderstanding, and then a brutal war undertaken to bring the Interex to compliance.].

[He found a warp rift, and in order to seal it, had to briefly stand within it.  When he did, he was transported To Gensokyo. To his first death.  To his Judgement.  To her.]

[And now he remembers.  The only oath of the moment he inscribed for something other than battle.  An oath of love, of passion.  Stuck upon his Mark IV battle plate in a place of honor, above his primary heart.]

[A brief, shining moment of humanity for him.  True humanity, not merely empathizing and understanding, caring and compassion but love, romantic love.  The peerless knight and the Judge of heaven and hell.] 

[Was it a betrayal of the Emperor?  Was she Xenos?  Daemon?  Mutant?  To this day, he is not sure.  All he remembers is the time in her arms, by her side.  ]

[And the end.  Justaerin terminators, stomping through the warp rift.  Cheering as they saw their lost Brother-captain, and forming a phalanx which fought the youkai that surrounded the, destroying them with bolter and crushing power fists.  His last look to Eiki.  Ezekyle Abaddon, holding out his clawed hand for his brother.  His choice to return, leaving her there.]

[Tears.  It is rare indeed for Astartes to weep, and they thought it was for joy of seeing his brothers again.  A deflection of a stray bolt-shell had torn off his oath of love.  His armor gunmetal under the white paint, bare where once a token of his happiness was.]

[And he returned to who he was.  Mournival.  Straight up and down. Unflinching, unswerving, forever righteous.  Whatever weakness, or strength, which was found on that simulacrum of old terra is forever gone.  But it can be regained.  Or at least remembered.]

Action:  Open to anyone on Garviel's Street, Stephen's road

[He stands swiftly, shrugging an overcoat on and a hat, as he grabs his keys, stepping into the street and with shaking hands stars his car.  He drives for Eiki's house, and knocks, twice.  Waiting.  Breathless.  Unsure if he is full of anger, happiness, or other less comprehensible emotions.  Most likely all of them.]

(Visual aids for Garviel's friends coming to save him.
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